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The purpose of the Claremore Lady Zebra Softball Booster Club is to assist with fundraising opportunities, help manage and distribute funds, promote attendance and spirit at athletic events, provide parent-oriented assistance to the Athletic Department, promote awareness of the important relationship between success in athletics and academics, and to advocate for Lady Zebra Softball Athletics in the community.

Monday, February 23, 2015 will be our mandatory Booster Club meeting / Player Pack order night. The meeting is at 6:00 in the High School cafeteria. All players grades 7-12 and a guardian are required to attend. We will discuss Spring and Summer schedules. We encourage players' families and friends to take advantage of this opportunity to join the booster club. Membership forms are available for download.

Player Pack list download.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Darin Johnson @ 918-855-7907.

2015 Booster Club Board Officers

President Darin Johnson
Phone: 918-855-7907 Email: djsooner6969@gmail.com
Vice President Ken and Selene Robinson (Sharing the position)

Phone: 918-740-4601

Phone: 918-740-4602

Email: kenrobinson48@gmail.com

Email: robinsonselene@gmail.com

Secretary Misty Miller
Phone: 918-637-4772 Email: kleasmom@cox.net
Treasurer Susan Kotoff
Phone: 918-510-9931 Email: bes3kids@sbcglobal.net
High School Rep Misty Davis
Phone: 918-637-7864 Email: danikiss84@yahoo.com
High School Rep Deonna Dihel
Phone: 918-200-8587 Email: deonnaflowers@yahoo.com
High School Rep Amanda Rackleff
Phone: 918-724-4091 Email: 2rackleff@sbcglobal.net
High School Rep Becky Shisler
Phone: 918-688-0686 Email: shislerrn@hotmail.com
High School Rep Crissy Williams
Phone: 918-282-6577 Email: crissymwilliams90@hotmail.com
Junior High Reps To be elected February 23